IT SOLUTIONS Learn more about us For the insurance industry Responsive VIPR’s Intrali system has resulted in incredible efficiencies in MGAM’s resources and time.

"In our experience, VIPR allows us to process bordereaux management with just two people whereas previously 25 people have been employed."
Jason Anthony, CEO, MGAM
VIPR MANAGED SERVICE The support you need to manage your software and remove internal IT pressures NEW Learn more In partnership with JDX Consulting VIPR hits the headlines in insurance Raconteur report published in The Times Learn more Bordereaux Management VIPR INTRALI Assisting with Solvency II and ELTO Reporting " From signing the contract it was just seven weeks before we were live with Intrali and we already have over 500 bordereaux mapped into the system." Lesley Townsend, Cathedral Learn more Are you compliant with
Solvency II Pillar 3 Reporting?
Find out more about the industry requirement here
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