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As a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, Allied World benefits from a worldwide network of affiliated entities that allow the company to think and respond in non-traditional ways. Allied World has a strong capital base, solutions that anticipate rather than react to changing trends, and a team that is focused on establishing long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial – which is why they originally turned to VIPR in 2018.

More specifically, it was VIPR’s bordereaux management system Intrali that really captured the interest of Allied World. Proving to be invaluable in terms of speeding up processing times – with Intrali the onboarding of the broker’s entire renewal time has decreased, and renewal packs are completed significantly faster. Effectively, Intrali has turned the way in which underwriters book business on its head. Reporting is better across the board and the entire system is now more streamlined and has greater accuracy.

Intrali provides an invaluable service to underwriters who can be fully confident that the data we’re putting into the underwriting system is 100% accurate, 100% of the time. Another major plus is the sheer speed of Intrali, important when you’re in a business driven by deadlines.

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Intrali gives us two great benefits. First, it takes data from many different bordereaux formats and then processes and reports them in a consistent way. This means we have the information we need to record premium declared in the right currencies, policy sections and years of account. Secondly, Intrali quickly reviews data in bordereaux and validates them against the master contract. This means we can quickly expose items in bordereaux like incorrect UMRS, breaches of limits or business written outside territorial scope.

Where a coverholder reports incorrect data or declares business outside the terms of the master agreement, Intrali highlights this to us and gives us the information we need to review underwriting and reporting with our coverholders and their brokers. If we didn’t have Intrali we’d have to review all bordereaux manually – it’s easy to imagine the time we’d have to spend creating pivot tables and lookups to check data in every line and column of every bordereaux against the master contract terms. Intrali not only gives us that time back but gives us better oversight too.

Dee Daly
Assistant Vice President, DUA Operations Manager, Delegated Underwriting Authority

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