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MGAM Limited – Managing general agency based in the City of London

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MGAM is an independent Underwriting Agency providing outsourced underwriting services that will give carriers access to books of specialist and regional insurance. They are a leading and innovative underwriting agent in the London and provincial markets. MGAM’s value to its customers is in providing access to capacity and a swift and efficient level of service.

As an up and coming MGA in the London insurance market, MGAM were looking to partner themselves with an IT provider who could help them with their day-to-day management needs, be that binder, bordereaux or data management. MGAM wanted an IT provider who had the necessary experience to help them deliver efficient service to their clients and could scale their business as MGAM grows.

MGAM chose VIPR as their IT partner due to their experience, scalability and efficiency. MGAM requested VIPR’s three core products, Intarga, Intrali and Active Reports to help manage their binder business and optimize the data they were collecting.

The response:

Intarga was the first piece of VIPR software to be implemented and configured. This ensured that the onboarding of any new business to MGAM went through the proper due diligence process and all relevant information was captured, as per MGAM’s requirements. Once the business is approved, the bordereaux management data would flow to Intrali to enable bordereaux to be uploaded.

Intrali was implemented and configured to capture the data specific to the bordereaux MGAM would be receiving. It was set to validate, cleanse and standardise the bordereaux making it easier for MGAM to capture their cash allocations and payments and report on the data.

Active Reports was also installed to allow MGAM to report on their coverholder, binder and bordereaux data. VIPR’s standard Active Reports dashboard provided MGAM with quick, effective bordereaux management statistics. VIPR also worked closely with MGAM to ensure the reporting tool displayed everything that MGAM needed to see to manage their business.

The collaborative effort by both teams contributed to the success of the implementation and MGAM agreed they “could not have chosen a better partner”. With the VIPR solution, MGAM can be certain they have the support of industry experts to help them further their services with the use of tried and tested software.

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