InsTech London Podcast: Data – seen it, clean it, sort it

Paul Templar, CEO at VIPR, sat down with Matthew Grant on InsTech London’s podcast to discuss all things data. 
More data is good for insurers – we keep hearing that – but it doesn't all turn up neatly packaged and rich in insights.

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Whether you’re an underwriter, broker or insurer this podcast is for you! In this half an hour episode Paul discusses how data has never been so important or abundant in insurance, yet finding the right information is still a major challenge within the industry, which is where VIPR’s data and analytics platforms come to the rescue!

Listen to Paul explain:

  • The importance of improving communication between insurers, brokers and clients
  • How using the cloud can improve data access and processing efficiency
  • How improved processing can create new underwriting insights
  • The importance of APIs, portals and making technology work for you
  • How VIPR is working with clients to drive product direction

Paul also shares a few behind the scenes pieces about life at VIPR and our plans for growth, now that we are supported by Tenzing. As one of InsurTech London’s ‘ones to watch‘ it’s safe to say that the future of Insurtech is looking very bright with VIPR at the forefront. You can listen to the podcast below:

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