VIPR Data Cloud
Insurance Data Warehouse

Your insurance data warehouse in the cloud for all data processed through the VIPR ecosystem. VIPR data Cloud gives a single data view, allowing you to easily extract valuable data insights and share data with downstream services and patners.

VIPR Data Cloud provides a single data view for all data processed through the VIPR ecosystem, whether it's bordereaux data or data genrated from onboarding and due dilligence workflows.

With variety of ways to access data, you can choose the method that best suits your needs. This inculdes, API, preconfigured extracts and direct query. Security is a primary consideration and the data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Data sharing is made easy with the VIPR Data Cloud. Row level security means that you can chose which datasets and columns are shared with each party. This allows you to share data securely with those inside and outside your organisation, replacing unsecure data transfer methods.

The intuitive data structure makes reporting easy and consistent and ensures all parties have a common and consistent view of risk, premium and claims data.

When combined with VIPR Insights, all parties can access the same dashboards, reports, and analytics, providing a consistent view of performance.
Why use VIPR Data Cloud insurance data warehouse?
  • Cloud-based data warehouse with row level security to keep your data protected
  • Secure method of transferring data internally and externally
  • Seamless connection with VIPR Insights for a consistent view across the full value chain
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