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Why choose VIPR?
For platform compatibility. Effective platforms don’t operate in isolation.

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By engaging with VIPR, the Switzerland-based company sought to achieve a seamless integration with a range of systems and applications, including both vendor-based and proprietary solutions. Through a collaborative effort, we successfully delivered a solution that met their objectives and allowed for smooth integration across multiple platforms.

When a major Swiss insurer writing more than 4 billion in non-life business sought to expand into the MGA market in the United Kingdom and the United States, it needed more than a platform for managing that business. The company needed a platform that would also integrate with newly adopted SAP-based reinsurance and general ledger platforms to support its expanding global operations.

This venerable insurer was manually processing third-party bordereaux data related to more than 1.3 million customers in six major European countries. To eliminate this drain on resources, the company chose VIPR, signing a multi-year commitment to incorporate VIPR’s Intrali, Portal, Data Cloud, and Insights applications into a comprehensive re-engineering of its operations. Using VIPR’s Portal technology, the insurer’s cover holders and third-party administrators can upload bordereaux information directly and integrate with the platform via an API gateway. The uploaded data passes digitally to VIPR’s Intrali processing engine, which validates and converts raw data on Risks, Premium, and Claims into standard formats for utilisation with various business functions.

Among other things, this capability helps ensure that risks and claims fall within the terms of a program business agreement. Once cleansed and validated, data is securely stored in the VIPR Data Cloud, which establishes enhanced methods for data to be shared securely outside of the organisation. Data that has been uploaded, cleansed, validated, compiled, and shared by VIPR Portal becomes an invaluable stock of proprietary information for analysis.

To that end, VIPR’s Insights platform provides built-in capability for 30 standard reports plus multiple filters for monitoring and analysing risk selection, underwriting performance, premium income, operational metrics, claims, and financial reporting.


The full suite of technology eliminates entirely the manual processes previously in place,” says David Sweet, Chief Commercial Officer at VIPR. “For this insurer, VIPR systems provide indispensable components of a transformational program that establishes seamless, end-to-end access and functionality in real time.

David Sweet
Chief Commercial Officer

We recognise that effective collaboration requires clear communication and a shared understanding of expectations. We are flexible and adaptable and ready to embark on this exciting journey with our new client. By working together, we are able to operate at an accelerated pace and achieve our goals with greater efficiency.

Sebastian Prosser
Head of Account Management

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