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Top 10 US Carrier, with multi-billion-dollar business select VIPR to support data management and transfer

Why choose VIPR?
To gain valuable insights from your program data.

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VIPR serves several North American clients ranging from a start-up fronting company, a newly organised reinsurer, and the entire Canadian operation of a major international insurer. With this in mind, this global carrier, based in the US had no doubt VIPR could answer all their questions and a whole lot more. This company was looking for a comprehensive suite of services that would allow them to manage and analyse their program data gathered from numerous managing general agencies and underwriters (MGAs/MGUs).

The three services selected were VIPR Intrali, a bordereau management solution; VIPR Insights, a data analysis application for monitoring key performance indicators; and VIPR Data Cloud, a secure repository for storing and sharing processed data.

Another factor in their decision was VIPR’s proven track record in the industry, dating back to 2009. By 2018, a third of Lloyd’s managing agents were using a VIPR product, showcasing the company’s credibility and strong reputation.

Customisation was also important to the insurer. VIPR’s products, such as Intrali, allowed users to develop a user-defined template through an intuitive interface, tailoring the solution to the insurer’s specific needs. Following that, the future thinking insurer needed a partner that would seamlessly integrate with their many systems without disrupting their internal processes. In the future, VIPR will be increasing their capabilities by working with several MGA system vendors to create a multi-level integration function for end-to-end automated processing.

This will include real-time downstream data exchange through API flows, enhancing operational efficiency even more. VIPR’s platforms enable underwriters to manage pricing and risk selection with greater precision, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

“This global player originally was looking for a bordereau management and processing platform. As our conversations progressed, we determined that we could offer that and a whole lot more, especially with regards to analytics. In the future planning, we will be working with several MGA system vendors to create a multi-level integration function that will allow a complete end-to-end automated process", said Founder & CEO Paul Templar.

Overall, the selection of VIPR by this leading US property/casualty insurer highlights the ability to offer comprehensive, customisable, and integrated solution that not only address the immediate needs but also enables better decision-making and operational efficiency in the future. VIPR continues to be a top choice for insurers seeking to automate their back-office processes and improve overall business performance.

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We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest US-based client joining the expanding portfolio of clients at VIPR. With numerous innovative ideas tailored specifically for this client, we are excited to showcase a comprehensive and seamless data management journey from start to finish.

David Sweet
Chief Commercial Officer

This project will not only involve the integration of data from bordereaux but also plans to incorporate real-time downstream data exchange via API flows in the future. This enhancement will enable underwriters to manage pricing and risk selection with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Paul Templar
Founder & CEO at VIPR

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