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Oneglobal selects VIPR’s Intrali, Active Reports and VMS to accelerate renewals and data management

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Oneglobal is a recently formed commercial insurance and reinsurance broker, established from the merger of SSL and Endeavour in 2018, with the singular focus of improving the way businesses around the world manage risk.

Under the direction of its CEO Mike Reynolds, the vision is clear in the markets it serves: to be a ‘broker of choice’. It has a truly global reach, with offices in Miami, Singapore, Greece and Bermuda, Latin America and the Netherlands, with business interface at the local level and central processing conducted in London.

Seeking to improve the manual processing of their data, it naturally turned to VIPR, with its proven focus on binders and ability to speed up processing time significantly.

Oneglobal selected VIPR’s bordereaux management system Intrali, as well as data management and reporting system Active Report and VIPR Managed Services (VMS). The results have been dramatic.

With Intrali in place, inserting data has now become a one-time process, whereas previously Oneglobal had a multi key-in approach. The broker’s entire renewal time has decreased, with significantly faster renewal packs. The previous equivalent one binder was processed manually over three days each month; with Intrali this can now be done in seconds.

Using Active Reports has also provided peace of mind for Oneglobal to transfer data in an organised fashion, in order to meet regulatory requirements, while back data ingestion can be performed easily using VMS.

In short, VIPR systems have transformed and dramatically improved renewal time and data processing across several platforms at Oneglobal, significantly enhancing its service to coverholders.

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Working with VIPR has been fantastic, and it was great to see how it cleansed all our data requirements so easily, and to bring that in-house has brought substantive improvements. The direct API feed from Lineage was the bonus, enabling easy integration and a move to a more centralised system.

Our vision was to accelerate how we manage our data and connecting to Lineage has been extremely beneficial. Also our GWP with commission will now be available automatically, saving us endless days of processing time.

Intrali enables us to be more risk averse using this valuable tool, providing accurate data statistics, with a much lower risk impact on reporting inaccuracies. Using Intrali and Active Reports gives us peace of mind to transfer our data in an organised fashion to meet regulatory requirements, while VMS has significantly enhanced our bordereaux management processes. The level of automation will improve the lives of our colleagues who process the data.

Simon Plumridge
Group Chief Operating Officer

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