At VIPR, we make the complicated, simple

We know insurance.
At VIPR we deliver a modern, comprehensive suite of dedicated software solutions – providing end-to-end management for the insurance market. Our IT solutions are sophisticated but easy to use, designed to make the complicated simple.
We focus on delegated authorityprogram business. Partnering with VIPR means you will be working with experts that navigate this sector within the insurance industry like no other and beyond.
Service is central to our ethos; providing the continued support our clients deserve. Each member of our team is deeply invested in our work. You can expect to have direct access to VIPR’s directors and product developers alike, benefiting from their knowledge and technical excellence as well as their expertise in management and operations.
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More data means greater opportunities to make faster, better-informed business decisions.
Paul Templar
VIPR Chief Executive Officer

Our mission and vision

To be the leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the insurance industry. The cornerstone of our business is our unrivalled understanding of the market. Building on this bedrock of knowledge, our suite of secure, future-focused technology solutions has been designed to make the complex simple. We help drive operational efficiencies, taking our clients, and ourselves, to new heights.
Our culture and values

We are a service-led company. Confident in our experience and future-focused technology solutions, we promise to improve operational efficiencies.

Leadership team


Chief Executive Officer

Paul Templar


Finance Director

Julian Ebel


Chief Commercial Officer

David Sweet


Head of Marketing

Caroline Hanan


Chief Information Officer

Greg Denham

Advisory board



Peter Little


Trusted Advisor

John Messer


Human Capital Expert

Milan Kellner

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