VIPR Portal
The VIPR Digital Gateway

VIPR Portal is a single access point for third-parties to supply risk, premium and claims data to your organisation. Flexible connectors provide a range of ways to connect, including an intuitive user interface and API.

VIPR Portal gives third-parties (such as MGAs and DCAs) in delegated underwriting authorities (DUAs) a secure, single point of access to submit data to your organisation. The VIPR Portal can be used to replace existing manual submission processes, such as email and (S)FTP

Using the API capabilities, the solution provides the perfect platform for a seamless data transfer between systems, allowing you to connect to your existing systems and processes.

The VIPR Portal also provides the capability to feed back to data suppliers with details of any issues with their data submissions, allowing them to correct any errors and resubmit.

As the VIPR Portal is placed at the start of the data submission process, it is the ideal place to monitor data submission timeliness and data quality, giving a holistic view of third-party performance. It also provides the capability of straight-through processing, allowing you to automate the data submission process.

VIPR Portal is a multi-tenant SaaS platform and is fully integrated with the suite of VIPR products. It is also fully customisable to align with your individual company brand, providing a consistent brand experience to your clients across all touch-points.

VIPR Portal
Why use VIPR Portal?
  • Secure data-sharing environment, keeping your information safe

  • Straight-through processing, reducing manual intervention
  • API connectivity, enabling real-time data transfer and an up-to-date view of risk, premium and claims data
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