Welcome to VIPR Managed Service

Your team of experts to manage and processing binderprogram business.

At VIPR, we consistently strive to deliver a high quality service for our clients - and this doesn’t stop once we’ve installed your new software. Once your new systems are in place, you’ll need support to ensure you get the best use of your software to maximise the benefits to your business. We provide a pool of talent that understands the insurance industry, its challenges and its evolution. Fully trained by VIPR, staff are regularly coached to maintain best practice. This removes internal IT pressures and allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Why use VIPR Managed Service?
  • Expert resource for managing and processing binderprogram business, reducing the strain on internal teams

  • Continuous training ensures all team members are aligned with market best practice
  • Free up time from the team to focus on more critical activities
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