Martin Blackburn joins board as Chairman

A Strategic move for the Insurance Tech Leader
It’s the perfect timing for me to team up with VIPR as their Chairman. VIPR chose me as much as I chose VIPR.
Chairman Announcement

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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone. Martin Blackburn, a renowned leader in the tech and financial services sector, has joined us as our new Chairman.

Martin’s career has spanned over 25 years, with his expertise crossing multiple global markets including, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, India, France, Africa, and the United States. He began his career with British telecommunications and engineering company Marconi, followed by a transformative stint at Logica, where he played a key role in growing the company from a modest start to a multinational corporation.

His journey then led him to EDS, where he managed their European operation markets, and then to IBM, where he oversaw their European operations. Martin has also been a key player in the private equity sphere, completing numerous successful transactions.

Notably, Martin was a board member of Rackspace Technology, where he successfully navigated the company through a listing during the 2020 pandemic. He was a founder board member of Sales-i, a SaaS software firm, in 2010, and has held multiple board positions since 2019.

His diverse background within software companies and tech-enabled services companies, combined with his experience in the insurance sector and at UK government level, makes him an ideal fit for the VIPR team.

Speaking about his new role, Martin expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “It’s the perfect timing for me to team up with VIPR as their Chairman. The VIPR value proposition attracted me and I believe, given my experience, I can support the business to grow faster. VIPR chose me as much as I chose VIPR.

We are thrilled to have Martin on board, and we look forward to achieving new heights.

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